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China Wu Yi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Wu Yi") is a large scale state-controlled enterprise with capital, technology and management intensive, taking real estate industry as its foundation, investment and development as its focal point, and foreign-oriented economy as its leading factor

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  • Mr.Lin Qiumei Secretary of Party Committee 1958 Male Bachelor
    Mr.Qiu Liangxin Chairman 1963 male Bachelor
    Mr.Liu Xiaoqun General Manager 1965 male Bachelor
    Mr.Lin Qun Deputy Chairman 1958 male Bachelor
    Mr.Xiao Gaomeng Deputy General Manager and Chief Engineer 1958 male Bachelor
  • Mr.Lin Jinzhu Deputy General Manager and Secretary For the Board 1965 male Master
    Mr.Zhou Huifang Deputy General Manager and Chief Financial Officer 1971 Male Bachelor
    Mr.Wan Dongsheng Deputy General Manager 1965 Male Bachelor
    Mr.Yu Qing Deputy General Manager 1964 Male Bachelor
    Mr. Chen Xiaofeng Deputy General Manager 1965 Male Bachelor
  • Mrs. Song Yuhui Deputy General Manager 1974 Female Bachelor
    Mr.Xu Kai Director 1960 male Maeter
    Mr.Wang Guichang Director 1970 male Master
    Mr.Lin Tianmao Director 1962 male Maeter
    MR.Tong Jianxuan Independent Director 1964 Male Maeter
  • Mr.Chen Jinshan Independent Director 1968 male Master
    Mr.Lei Yun Independent Director 1966 male Bachelor
    Mr.Yu Jianhui Chairman of Board of Inspectors 1958 male Bachelor
    Mr.Huang Minggen Deputy Chairman of Board of Inspectors 1957 Male Master
    Mr.Chen Wei Worker Inspector 1963 male Bachelor

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