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China wuyi industrial co., LTD., to carry forward the "hard work, pioneering and enterprising" spirit of enterprise, actively promote the enterprise culture construction, make great efforts to establish a value as the center of spiritual culture, take customer satisfaction as the center of business culture, take the quality as the center of the behavior culture, in order to to govern the enterprises as the center of the system culture, training within and outside the tree image as the center of the image culture, and with the advanced enterprise culture guide and standardize the behavior of the enterprise and worker.

1.Enterprise spirit
Hard work, and pioneering spirit

2.Company tenet
To build first-class enterprise, set up first-class brand, casting the first-class management, make the first-class concept, create first-class performance, build first-class team.

3.Enterprise management policy
Hard work, strict management, stable operation, benefit for this.

4.Enterprise quality policy
Scientific management innovation quality customer satisfaction.

5.Enterprise Value
People's value is higher than the value of the item, common value higher than personal value, social value higher than profit value.

6.Enterprise style
Unity and progress, hard work and high efficiency, practical.

7.Company philosophy
Ideological liberation, the system reform, the enterprise to strive, life simple.

8.Corporation Slogan
China wuyi is willing a construction harmonious beautiful home with you .

9.Corporate Development
People-oriented, innovative ideas for the premise, reform and innovation as a driving force, management innovation as the theme, give full play to the company's technology and talent advantages, condensed the staff's wisdom and strength, rely on scientific management and adapt to the market economy of agile mechanism, and constantly improve the enterprise international construction management, investment and development, capital operation ability, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise, the realization enterprise development goals.