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First, the copyright notice
This website is by the China wuyi industrial co., LTD., the sole. All of this web site content completely by the China wuyi industrial co., LTD. All.
¡¡¡¡ In this site published in all information and pictures unless specially marked besides, copyright belongs to China wuyi industrial co., LTD. All. Without the owner's written signature permission, any other individual or organization shall not any form of this web site the resources transfer, copy, edit, or release used in any other occasions; Shall not put any form of send out information to the other party, do not put these information in other server or a mirror document copy or save; Shall not be modified or to use this web site of any resources. Offenders will be shall be investigated for the corresponding legal responsibility.
Second, to provide the content ¡¡
This web site provides all kinds of information only for the visitor can reference information sources, cannot and should not be considered to be issued by the responsibility we need legal advice, cannot and should not be used to replace we formally issued by any form of legal letters. For readers use this web site information behavior itself and thus a direct or indirect make business decisions, personal decision and other decision making and decision, we do not assume any form of liability.
Three, use risk
You in the access and use of this web site, should understand so generated by your all risks shall bear. You must clear, clear understanding of you in the access and use of the site, there may be of the following circumstances, including any risk, and may produce corresponding damage or inconvenience, which China wuyi industrial co., LTD is not liable; Because you will inform the user password to others or share with others the registered account, or any other can gauge responsibility in your own reason, which has led to any individual or company information leak.
¡¡¡¡ Any force majeure (including but not limited to hacker attacks, a computer virus intrusion or attack, because the government control and lead to a temporary closed, etc.) caused by the personal data revealing, lost, stolen or manipulation, etc.
Due to this web site links to other sites by the personal data revealing and the consequent any legal dispute and consequences
¡¡¡¡ In addition, if you for access, use this web site or download any information from this web site to your computer virus infection, or any of your computer equipment or other property caused any damage. Although more than risk occurrence probability is small, but not does not exist.
Four, additional instructions
China wuyi industrial co., LTD will consider any update of this web site, modify the "legal notices", you should any such modification constraints. Therefore, please be sure to browse this page regularly, in order to learn constraint you and this website in this paper the latest content. The power of interpretation of the above rules and modification of the ownership China wuyi industrial co., LTD.