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The director of Kenya National Road Bureau visit China Wuyi Co.,Ltd

DATEú║2013-02-28    FROMú║   READEDú║1795 ┤╬



           The general manager Mr.Qiu Liangxin, deputy general manager and deputy chief engineer Mr. Xiao Gaomeng, deputy general manager Mr.Chen Xiong and the relevant persons of overseas business department received the group of president of Kenya National Road Bureau Ms.Muriithi and the director of Kenya National Road Bureau Mr. Kidenda and engaged in a friendly conversation on July 24th, 2012.      

The General Manager Mr.Qiu Liangxin expressed warm welcome to Ms. Murriithií»s delegation, introduced detail China Wuyi construction situation of Kenyadomestic projects in recent years and expressed China Wuyi will further increase of theKenyadomestic investment, it would serve the local economy and benefit the local people.    

Ms.Muriithi highly appreciated on China WuyiKenyaconstruction projects with high quality, fully affirmed the achievements of China Wuyi inKenyaand recommended cooperative mode diversification in financing and contracting for future.